Akhilesh Khare is a motivational speaker. He is the director of Let's Talk Personalized Learning, which is very popular among the youth.


He has a long experience of public speaking and positively inspiring the youth. Based on this experience with youth he has devised the Let's Talk program.


In this program you will learn the art of how to get rid of negativity and live a life filled with positivity.

Let's Talk और Speed Maths के सभी प्रोग्राम हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है. 

Let's Talk

Personal Development Program

In this program you will learn the art of how to get rid of negativity and live a life filled with positivity.


  • Youth from any institution can take part in the program. In the program one can ask questions related to the aspirations of youth like how to be successful, personality management and excellence etc and be inspired.


Akhilesh Khare himself conducts the program and answers the students personally. The whole program is rooted in a very motivating and interactive environment. 

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Courses : 
Available in हिंदी / English

1. Books - Speed Maths, English Speaking skills. Money Maths, The Independent Thinking, Maths in Everyday Life.

2. On Campus programs For Students : Career PlanningPersonality Development . Business Talk.

3. Training Programs: Speed Maths, English Speaking Skills, Money Maths, Maths in Everyday Life. 

4. Motivational Talk Topics - Success & Failure, Inner Conflicts, Positivity and Negativity, A Dignified Life, Passion to Profession. Decision Making, Time Management, Let's Talk General Awareness. Scientific Attitude, Developed Thinking, Abstract Thinking, Job vs Self employment. Health Talk, How to prepare for competitive exams, How to learn English, The aim and importance of education etc.

5. Personal Development :Personality management with Kundli Perspective. Know Yourself, Personality Test. 

6. Social Development (Motivational): Developed India, Developed Humanity, Democracy. 

7. Education Management: Curriculum Design,Teacher Motivation, What is Education, English speaking skills for teachers. Subject Talk (Motivational) - Hindi, English, Maths, Science, SST, GK.  

The Author

Akhilesh Khare is the author of Speed Maths. He has written this book with the purposes of simplifying Arithmetic and making it interesting.


He has come up with novel ways of fast calculation and has presented them anew.


This is a book for people of all ages and after reading it you will certainly fall in love with Arithmetic. 


Those students who are preparing for competitive exams should surely read Akhilesh Khare's 'Speed Maths'. By doing this, you will start finding Arithmetic interesting and get the correct beginning for your preparations for competitive exams. 


He's also designed a 6-day course for Speed Maths. 

  • In just 6 days learn superfast ways on how to calculate and solve more questions in less time in competitive exams.

Speed Maths simplifies Quantitative Aptitude. If you are preparing for IBPS Bank, SSC or MBA entrance exams, then this Speed Maths training will change your life. 

स्पीड मेथ्स की ट्रेनिंग हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है . 

Speed Maths is a primer on Quantitative Aptitude and it is unequivocally useful for all competitive exams which comprise Quantitative aptitude questions.


The book is prepared solely with an eye to competitive exams and includes questions asked in various competitive exams.


This book is especially helpful for IBPS, SSC, and MBA entrance exams.

The Style

The book has been written in the form of a story, and also includes day-to-day math, such as 'financial planner'. Thus, it is a book for people of all ages. 

This is an important book for those students who are interested in math, because it will rekindle their interest in math and preserve and spruce up their knowledge. Reading this book will certainly ignite your interest in Quantitative Aptitude.


यह किताब ​हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है. 

For Whom

This book is highly recommended for those students who are starting the preparations of competitive exams because this book will teach them those basic shortcuts of Quantitative Aptitude which will always be helpful to them in the competitive exams. 


This book is a bridge that connects you to the world of competitive exams. Hence, every single person who want to take competitive exams must read this book before doing so. 

For additional information, call or email us. Our email address is speedmaths@hotmail.com 

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Why Speed Maths

In school, we learn to walk step by step, but we want to quickly leap to the right answer too, and this book exactly meets that desire.


For this we're going to revise the school maths, but this time we will do it our way. We will run, we will make huge jumps, and will try to deal with as big numbers in the shortest time possible.


Each and every candidate must learn these tricks and tips before diving right into these competitive exams. After reading this book you will attain immense confidence and come off with flying colors. 

If we were to rely completely on the traditional methods learned at school, we would utterly fail in the competitive exams, for these traditional methods take a long time. And that is then we wish if we could magically arrive at the answer. Speed Maths answers that wish.


It works like magic and without any delay, immediately produces the answers right in front of you, and turns you from a zero to hero in the competitive exams.  यह किताब हिन्दी में भी उपलब्ध है. 

A Book for all-ages

Generally, everyone finds math boring and dreads opening a math book. However, this book has been designed in such a way that you will read it again and again.


Along with the magic of maths the book contains enough drama and emotions that you can read it just as an entertaining story in your spare time.


The book also contains chapters such as Money Maths that can help you draft an effective plan for saving money.


This book will be a great help to you in each and every way. Plus, this is a book for all-ages, the young and the old.


​यह किताब एक कहानी की तरह लिखी गई है और यह हर उम्र के लिए रुचिकर और उपयोगी है. यह किताब हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है. 

1. MathematicsSpeed Maths, Money Maths ,Mathematics in Everyday life (For all)

2. English - Spoken English, English for Teachers.

3.. Business Talk 

4. School Management- Let's Talk Education, Teacher Motivation, Curriculum Design

5. Let's Talk Career Planning

6. Motivational Talks - Personal Integrity, Success & Failure, Positivity & Negativity, Passion to Profession. Health Talk, Inner Conflicts, Developed Thinking, A Dignified Life, Decision Making, Time Management, Job Vs Self employment,

7. Social Talks - Developed India, Developed Humanity, Democracy, Freedom of the individual, Selection & Training (Administrative reforms)

8. Subject Talks - Let's Talk SST, Let's Talk Maths & Science, Lets's Talk Hindi & English

9. The Kundli Perspective (For all)

सभी प्रोग्राम हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध हैं. Ph. 8770917653

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