Speed Maths is all about calculating fast and saving time. Its goal is to revive Arithmetic through an innovative approach and the latest methods of fast calculation. 


This book is a primer on Quantitative Aptitude and it is unequivocally useful for all competitive exams which comprise Quantitative Aptitude questions. The book is prepared solely with an eye to competitive exams and includes questions asked in various competitive exams. This book is especially helpful for IBPS Bank, SSC, and MBA entrance exams.


The book has been written in the form of a story, and also includes day-to-day math, such as 'financial planner'. Thus, it is a book for people of all ages. 


This book is highly recommended for those students who are starting the preparations of competitive exams because this book will teach them those basic shortcuts of Quantitative Aptitude which will always be helpful to them in the competitive exams. 

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Speed Maths for competitive exams