Let's Talk

Let's Talk to bring about a positive change in life. 

We create a syllabus for the change you want. 

'Let's Talk' is a positive approach towards constructive thinking and personality management. It's a process in which interaction is used as a tool to  help people in formulating the right attitude towards life, which in turn will produce a positive change in their lives.

यह सभी कोर्स हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध हैं.
आप छात्रों में जो परिवर्तन चाहते हैं हम उसे परिभाषित करके उसका सिलेबस बनाते हैं और उसकी ट्रेनिंग का प्रबंध करते हैं. कुछ परिभाषित विषय यहाँ दिए गए हैं जैसे Business and Economy

Let's Talk
Business and Economy

Business Management/ for all ages/ certificate course/ 6 days 

This program has been created keeping the youth in mind. It is a fact that for all young people graduating every year there aren't enough jobs. Therefore, there is a pressing need to develop business attitude in youth.


Now is the era of Google and globalization. The world awaits to greet your innovative thinking and creativity. All you have to do is learn the fundamental assumptions and skills of business. You must have business attitude.


Through the interactive sessions in this program the students will know how right attitude can magically transform their lives. This course is a must for all young people.

We will discuss with them how one can overcome the temptation of a salaried job and how by adding dignity and value in things that one does one can become more successful. We will talk to them about entrepreneurship, objectivity, and problem-solving attitude. 

  • It's about how to find possibilities in every situation and then leverage them to become successful.


  • It's about developing a problem-solving attitude and learning the art of turning challenges into opportunities. 

Youth from any institution can take part in the program. In the program one can ask questions related to the aspirations of youth like how to be successful, personality management, and business excellence etc and be inspired. Akhilesh Khare himself conducts the program and answers the students personally. The whole program is rooted in a very motivating and interactive environment.

Let's Talk 

Education Management  

Education Management and Teacher Motivation/ for schools & colleges / certificate course/ 6 days 

All of us wish that school must be a enriching experience for all the students and that their education is useful in their lives. For it we will talk about the practical and modern aspects of education.


Let's take communication skills for example, which is part of fundamental expression and is directly related to success. Its practical aspect is that only when we can present our project the right way to people can we hope to attract investors. Hence, we must improve our visual communication alongside our language.


There are many similar aspects of education which one might not find in the curriculum but they surely make education more relevant and meaningful in modern times.

  • We will discuss the changes that can be brought about in education system and curriculum to achieve this in the School Improvement Plan.


  • There are two parts of this course: School Improvement and Teacher Motivation. If you just want the Teacher Motivation program, it can be made available separately.

To organize any of these programs in your organization, email or call us. Our Email is: letstalkpl@hotmail.com 

Ph. 8770917653

यदि आप अपने छात्रों में कोई परिवर्तन चाहते हैं तो हम उसमें मदद कर सकते हैं. 

1. जो परिवर्तन आप चाहते हैं उसे परिभाषित करना. 

2. उसका एक सिलेबस तैयार करना.

3. उसकी ट्रेनिंग का प्रबंध करना. 

​मानलो आप बच्चों को सरकारी नौकरी की जगह इनोवेशन और बिजनिस की सोच डेवलप करना चाहते हैं तो हम आपके छात्रों से मिलकर एक 6 दिन का कोर्स तैयार करेंगे और ट्रेनिंग देंगे. जिससे छात्रों को इनोवेशन और बिजनिस पर बात करने और समझने का मौका मिलेगा. 

Career Planning

Foundation Course for Girls 

It's every student's dream to rise above his/her circumstances and become extremely successful, and with right effort that dream can come true.


If your assumptions and concepts are right then a small step in present can transform into a huge leap forward in future.


This program will become the foundation of this fateful beginning. This course has been specially prepared keeping the girl students in mind.


We understand that girls don't get much opportunities to study, and that this problem is very grave in the rural areas, and hence we have devised this Foundation Program for them which will accommodate in them the right perspective and information and inspire them to excel.

Let's Talk 

Social Development 

Developed Society / for all ages/ certificate course/ 6 days 

When children see the globe adorned with different and vivid color their dreams too are colored in living colors. They dream of traveling the world.


Young people want to understand the importance and relevance of living traditionally or within a given system. This very understanding is social science.


This program will not only raise youth's interest in social sciences but it will also give wings to their dreams. Once they identify with these great dreams the dreams themselves will guide them further.

A civilized society is a nation's real asset. A lack of right communication and leadership is a big impediment to cultivating this asset. 'Let's Talk' is an effort to address this need. It will complement traditional school education. Globe and globalization  are two key aspects of this program.


It is natural for young people to be curious about life. To ask questions is approaching the field of science and to discuss them is part of the resolution. Keeping that in mind we have devised this program which is a unique initiative in opening the young people up for any and all kinds of discussions and liberating their mind from all sorts of perplexities. An objective and healthy discussion with the youth about human life and all the various aspects of society is the purpose of this program.

Let's Talk

Developed and Self Reliant India

Developed India/ for all ages/ certificate course/ 6 days 

A developed India is our universal dream. This program will connect people with the dream of a developed India.


A developed country is born out of the advanced thinking of the people of that country. If we can elevate the level of our thinking the country will also rise with it. In this we will discuss all those features that make a country great and prominent.


This program is available to all the people and any organization can arrange it.

A civilized society is a nation's real asset. A lack of right communication and leadership is a big impediment to cultivating this asset. 'Let's Talk' is an effort to address this need.


It will complement traditional school education. Developed thinking and Sustainable development are two key aspects of this program.


An objective and healthy discussion with the youth about developed thinking and all the various aspects of development  is the purpose of this program

Let's Talk Humanity 

Developed Humanity / for all ages/ certificate course/ 6 days 

Now when the entire globe is morphing into a village, humanity is evolving into a universal religion. People believe investing in humanity always pays off.


When you stand by others in their difficult times, no doubt, in your hard times you will not be alone and will find others standing by you.


The more we understand about human emotions the more will we elevate our humanity. This discussion on humanity will indeed enlighten our thinking.


Its syllabus is universal and anybody can organize it. To organize this programs in your organization, email or call us. Our email is letstalkpl@hotmail.com

Ph. 8770917653

Mathematics In Everyday Life 

Mathematics in everyday life / for all ages/ certificate course/ 6 days 

Learn the importance of Mathematics in daily life.