Speed Maths helps you in solving math problems quickly, which enables you to save time in competitive exams. 


Its goal is to revive Arithmetic through an innovative approach and the latest methods of fast calculation. 

We've all dreamed of overcoming the traditional limitation of multiplying one digit by another and going one step at a time.


  • Years of search have been put into this book to help fulfill that very dream. Now there is no need for us to multiply in single digits or to go step by step to solve math problems. We can also get that done in a much simpler way and with multiple numbers. And this just as easy as using the conventional method.


Once you update your school level maths using this method, you will be promoted to Speed Maths level. Then you will be free of conventional methods and will be able do math your own way.


We will revise the whole Arithmetic and will tell you how to jump through the traditional method and arrive at the solution much quickly. 

If at any time while doing mathematical calculations you wish to jump through the steps and arrive straight at the answer rather than doing it step by step or one digit at a time, then this book is for you.


This book teaches and presents mathematics in a new style and shows unique ways of quick calculation. 

स्पीड मैथ्स की यह किताब हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है. यदि आप प्रतियोगिता परीक्षाओं की तैयारी कर रहे हैं तो शुरुआत इस किताब से करें. यह किताब अंकगणित में आपकी रूचि बढ़ाएगी. दैनिक जीवन में भी यह किताब बहुत उपयोगी है. 


The speciality of this book is that it is written like a story.


It is a story of a professor who teaches shortcuts of Maths to the students. This book contains absolutely new methods of fast calculation which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

  • Arithmetic is not only useful in competitive exams but it also helps daily in framing the delineation of our dreams. These dreams itself move the story of this book ahead.


This will be the first book of Maths which will make you emotional and somewhere will tickle you within. So, anybody can read this book.


One can be proud to keep this book in the library because this is the best book of Maths to be read during the holidays. You can happily recommend this book to your children. 

Plus Story

In this book, we have presented complex math in the simplest dialogs. It's written in the form of a story as in friendly and meaningful household discussion with family or friends.


Its magical tricks will stimulate you and at the same time its story will truly engage you.


  • This is a story of math professor whose wife totally despises math. The professor is amiable man who helps everyone with their math problems. Whenever his students encounter any problems, they simply come to him and then they all spend hours discussing the intricacies of math. 


Amit is a family friend and his daughter is keenly interested in math. But when it comes to helping his daughter with her math, Amit is no help, and therefore, they ask the professor for assistance.


The professor presents the nuances of math in such an interesting way that it rekindles Amit's own interest in math.


The playful banter and laughter that happens between these two families keeps the story moving forward and before you know it the book is finished.

The first ever

It is the first ever book that teaches 'Speed Maths' with light-hearted banter.

This is a family story which has emotions, maths, and drama. Meaning, it is a complete edutainment package for the whole family.


I think it is a very unique experiment in the field of math; something which has never been tried before. That's why we can easily say that it is the first ever storybook about math.

Money Maths

This book will also be a great help in your everyday life.


Even if you are not preparing for competitive exams, its financial planner will be a great aid in giving you an accurate estimate about the right investment plan and growth to invest your hard-earned money in.


For example, by reading the 'Money Maths' chapter in this book you can learn how a single rupee saved on a daily basis can make you a millionaire within a very short time.