Akhilesh Khare is a motivational speaker. He is the director ofLet's Talk program, which is very popular among the youth. He has a long experience of public speaking and positively inspiring the youth. Based on this experience with youth he has devised the Let's Talk program.


In this program you will learn the art of how to get rid of negativity and live a life filled with positivity. Youth from any institution can take part in the program. In the program one can ask questions related to the aspirations of youth like how to be successful, personality management, and excellence etc and be inspired.

Akhilesh Khare himself conducts the program and answers the students personally. The whole program is rooted in a very motivating and interactive environment.

Akhilesh Khare has been working on the concept of Speed Mathssince many years. His objective is to provide students with initial knowledge of Quantitative Aptitude in an interesting way through which their self confidence would increase and they would start taking interest in the preparation of Quantitative Aptitude.


Those students who are preparing for competitive exams should surely read Akhilesh Khare's 'speed maths'. By doing this, you willstart finding arithmetic interesting and get the correct beginning for your preparations for competitive exams. 

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Akhilesh Khare is known for 'Speed Maths'. He has a long experience of 20 years of writing and teaching in this field.


After completing his college education when he, himself, was preparing for the competitive examinations, he felt a need for 'Speed Maths'. When he did not find any such book in the market, he started working on creating one himself. He decided to revise quantitative aptitude for competitive examinations, and to write down the book so that all the examees/candidates could benefit from it.


He published his first book 'Maths Instantly' in 2004, which was selected by the Government of India's 'RRRLF Kolkata' to be made available in libraries throughout the nation. Soon his second book was published in 2010 in Bangalore.


Subsequently, he thought of devising 'Speed Maths' as a systematic course. Along with this book, he launched this training course as well. The duration of the training course is 6 days. Anyone who buys this book is eligible to take this 6 days' training course. For all the information visit www.speedmaths.in

Akhilesh Khare truly believes in simplicity not only in mathematics, but even in his life as well. He considers math to be the best kind of meditation.


  • He believes, like in math, right assumptions are very important in life. Only if you have the right assumptions will you be able to reach the right outcome.


He loves talking about this philosophy of life. To talk to them, you can write to him at speedmaths@hotmail.com. Ph. 8770917653

The Purpose

The book on Speed Maths has been written keeping in mind the following purposes. We hope the book will be able to fulfill those purposes.

  • To present math in an entertaining way and to underline the use of math in everyday life.


  • To demystify math and dispel mathematical myths and to make it popular among all. 

  • To present math in a way that even those without a mathematical background can read, enjoy, and use it in their everyday lives. 

  • For the just recently graduated this is the very first book on Quantitative Aptitude, which is loaded with information on how to solve competitive exams papers in lesser time. 

  • To popularize Math Meditation. The author believes that just as by sitting by a river the mind is revitalized so can the mind be at peace when working on math in a peaceful environment. Thus, math is a form of meditation.


  • To write such a book on math that everybody can read and enjoy it just as a story in their spare time.